Tuesday, May 16, 2006


いま、スウェーデンのはなみです。 かない「カミラ」です。 私たちのさんにんこどもがいます。 ひとりおとこのこ「ヘンリク」とおんなのこ「セシリア」はおおきいです。 ひとりおとこのこ「マチン」ちいさいです。

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eko said...

I am a Japanese student in USA.
I saw your Japanese article. I think that your writing is great, but there are several mistake in your essay.
I am going to explain what is your mistakes now.

*like be verb is, are, were, was
when you use be verb sentence we use は

when you use のit is like english adjective
*mine, your, their, our,

For example:
わたしたちの こどもたち は とてもげんきです。
our children are very well.

Hopefully it will help your Japanese.
And thank you for loving my language. I hope that many people will be known japanese in the future, because I think Japanese is very beautiful language.

Now i have had opportunity to meet Swedish. I am very interesting their thought.
They are very nice people that I thought.
I just want to know why people are nice and peaceful.